KA / IP Uplinks

FreeLens owns and operates a wide range of solutions to get IP/internet links over satellite.

We have different options for your next project: contended bandwidth for NewsSpotter Service or best effort internet connection.

Ka Sat FreeLens solutions:

- 0.9 m quick deploy SNG for Newsspotter

- 1.2 m SNG / Trailer for Newsspotter 


- 1.2 m FlyAway 

The FreeLens expertise

Live Broadcasting

3G/4G connections are often unstable or saturated.

NewsSpotter Ka Sat Service brings stability to your connection.

Compliant with all the coders on the market, NewsSpotter is a plug and play solution compatible with LiveU, Aviwest, TripleIT, TVÜ

as well as broadcast IP coders like

Ateme, Adtec...

To create redundancy and increase bandwidth, we can bond several connections including Ka, DSL, 4G...

Upload speed of up to 10Mbps

Internet access / Wifi Hotspot

When your DSL landline internet connection fails or is non-existent, KaSat Best Effort Service is the solution to make Internet access in the middle of nowhere available.

Wifi Hotspot for visitors, internet access for journalists, remote website management and Phone over IP.

We can create dedicated IP access with a speed of up to 20Mbps in download and 6 Mpbs in upload.

KaSat coverage includes the whole of Europe and North Africa

KaSat coverage map
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Ka Sat NewsSpotter SNG

1.2m dish to minimize rainfade