Flyaway uplinks

FreeLens is the specialist for Flyaway uplink services in Ku Band. Our technicians are constantly developing new solutions to create state of the art portable transmission stations.

Our easily transportable Flyaway kits travel all around the world to cover breaking news, special events and sport programmes. 

For quick deployment anywhere in the World, flying is almost the only option.

In places where parking permits and satellite visibility are an issue, a Flyaway dish on a rooftop is the best solution.

Flyaway kits include:

- 1.2 to 1.5 meter dish

- 180 or 400W HPA with redundancy

- Mpeg2/4 SD/HD coder

- multipath in SCPC mode

- mux services in MCPC mode

- ATA Carnet to ease custom crossings

War in Mali
War in Mali

Dual paths HD

Euro football in Ukrane
Euro football in Ukrane

Dual Path HD

African Cup of Nations, Angola
African Cup of Nations, Angola

DualPath HD

War in Mali
War in Mali

Dual paths HD


The FreeLens expertise

IATA Compliancy

FreeLens FlyAway uplinks are

fully IATA compliant.

We are able to board any commercial

flight without paying any more than the excess baggage fees.

Sat phone devices

Where mobile networks are

non-existent or saturated,

we can provide satellite access for phone and internet access for IFB and coordination.

No break power

To improve the security,

all our uplink kits are

equipped with UPS and

backup generators.