Special Events / Breaking News

Whether overland in Europe or by plane around the rest of the world, FreeLens crews and equipments are ready 24/7 to cover any breaking news story. 

Our Special Events desk can organise, at a moments notice, any special event for News, Sport or Current Affairs.

Due to our extensive experience, we are able to send our facilities and crews to any destination at very short notice.

Our efficient producers on location and at the head office are the important factor for a smooth organisation. 

Breaking News
Special Event
Special Event
Breaking News
Breaking News
Special Event

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Worldwide Special Events

Dry equipment hire or full Special Event services, FreeLens will help to organise your next coverage anywhere in the world.

We have a large number of contacts  to help with visas, hotels, transport, ATA carnet, uplink licenses, to ease the pre-production process.

We have experience of working with airlines to check-in all our IATA equipment and to get on location as soon as possible.

We have different technical solutions whether you need one live stand-up or a small portable multicamera kit


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Outdoor Production Unit

Initially developed for the Tour de France, our Outdoor Production Unit can be used for the coverage of any event.

The Outdoor Production Unit includes:

- 1x News Room accomodating up to 6    journalists

- 1x MCR with ingest server, tape play      out and communication facilities

- 1x Edit server with main edit station        (FCPX or Premiere) and connection      for up to 4x other editing stations

- 1x Production facilities kit with video      and audio mixer

- 1x Outside studio with up to 5            

   cameras, lighting, audio and IFB